‘TERA’ Updates Today With A New Role For Berserker Class, New Dungeons, And A Dressing Room


After launching on Steam in May, action MMO TERA has gathered quite a following on the platform. In fact, TERA is the most played MMORPG on Steam with upwards of 10 thousand players almost every day. En Masse Entertainment updated TERA today with a major patch that is now live. The update adds a new role for the berserker class, a new battleground, new dungeons, and much more.

The main attraction in the update is the new functionality of the berserker class in the “Go Berserk” update. Level 65 berserker characters can now queue and play as a tank to protect and keep their party members from harm. Berserker players can complete the new quest line that guides them through the new taking role called “Intimidating Manner.” Berserker players in TERA will need to start and complete this quest to earn their new taking abilities like Intimidation, Punishing Strike, Overwhelm, Axe Counter, and Evasive Roll. Notably, Intimidation attracts the ire of enemies around the player while increasing attack aggro and debuffing the enemy hit.


Not just berserker players are getting new content in the update. A new five-player dungeon Timescape, the return of the five-player Vault of Kaprima dungeon, and a 10-player raid Akeron’s Inferno are all included in the “Go Berserk” update. In Timescape level 65 players will go up against three bosses or four bosses in hard mode. In the new raid, Akeron’s Inferno, players will take down four huge bosses including Darumag, Magnarox, Sammar-Sal, and Duras. On the PvP side of things, participants have a new 15 versus 15 mode called Gridiron to tackle. Players defeat each other in teams and the first team to add up 70 kills will win the match. All of the new PvE and PvP content is intended for level 65 players.

The “Go Berserk” update for TERA also adds tier seven gear that players can craft, introduces a new Dressing Room for previewing items, kicks off Crusade season 7, and much more. Other details of specifics of the patch can be viewed in the official patch notes. Everyone should benefit from the new Dressing Room which lets players view costumes, weapon skins, mounts, pets, and other items before purchasing them. Players will even be able to preview their character and the selected item in different poses so that they are totally aware of what they are buying before potentially spending gold or money on the item.

Will you be tanking on your berserker after the update?

[Images via En Masse Entertainment]