Bollywood Wedding! Mira Rajput Weds Bollywood Star Shahid Kapoor In Delhi

Mira Rajput, a name that has not been heard of much in India or elsewhere, has suddenly become the talk of town after it was revealed that the 21-year-old resident of Delhi got married to Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor earlier today. Shahid Kapoor, who was reportedly dating Mira, who at 34 years old is 13 years older than the 21-year-old actor, had kept his relationship with Mira under wraps for a considerable time. However, media reports had started circulating about Shahid’s relationship with Mira a few months ago. In fact, several reports also confirmed that the couple were planning to get married soon.

A Times of India report has earlier said that the couple were planning to get married in May. However, it seems Shahid and Mira wanted to give everyone a surprise with their sudden marriage in July.

The much talked-about Shahid-Mira wedding had an exclusive invitee list and only close family and friends were invited. Apparently, Mira, whose family does not have any Bollywood connections whatsoever, wished to keep the ceremony a strictly private affair. However, soon after the weddings, photos of the brand new Bollywood couple were flashed across social media websites. Several invitees at the wedding venue also helped the cause by posting pictures of Mira and Shahid together.

Until a few months ago, very little was known about Mira Rajput and her family. Several reports add that the marriage was a completely arranged affair and that the couple met via their parents and family. What we now know about Mira Rajput is that she is reportedly an English Honors student at the prestigious Delhi University. After the wedding was finalized, the couple had a small engagement ceremony in which Mira was reportedly gifted a ring worth Rs. 23 lakhs ($36,000) by Shahid. The couple also plan to move into a new sea-facing home in Mumbai. Mira Rajput has been apparently helping Shahid with the interiors of their new home as well. Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Mira does not happen to be a keen Bollywood fan. In fact, she hasn’t even watched many movies in which Shahid has performed.

Shahid Kapoor has in the past been linked to several Bollywood actresses. He was also involved in a much talked-about five-year relationship with Kareena Kapoor. Following their break-up, he was linked to Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, and of late, Sonakshi Sinha.

However, Shahid finally seems to have found the love of his life in Mira Rajput — who will from today be known in B-Town as Mira Rajput Kapoor.

[Image Via The Indian Express]