‘The Bastard Executioner’ Pilot To Debut At Comic-Con? Plus, Kurt Sutter Continues To Tease Fans On Instagram

Fans who attend the upcoming Comic-Con event at San Diego may be in for a treat, courtesy of Kurt Sutter. According to Venture Capital Post, the pilot episode of Sutter’s newest series, The Bastard Executioner, might be revealed during the event.

FX is set to promote a number of its hit shows at Comic-Con, including Fargo, Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Horror Story: Hotel, The Strain, and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, so it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility that The Bastard Executioner‘s pilot would be shown. However, FX has yet to make any sort of announcement addressing the rumors.

The Bastard Executioner centers on the story of a warrior knight named Wilkin Brattle, played by Lee Jones, who is under the charge of King Edward I. Brattle, who is described as a tall and commanding type of person, abandons his life of violence and war in order to live a more peaceful life. However, Brattle is forced to once again pick up his sword and leave behind his longings for peace as he becomes the executioner.

Along with Jones as the main character, The Bastard Executioner is set to star Sarah Sweeney, Stephen Moyer, Katey Sagal, and Brian F. O’Byrne. Further, Sutter himself will be playing a role in the series as the Dark Mute. This isn’t the first time Sutter has stepped into a role on his own show. Many may recall that Sutter played Otto Delaney in his last hit show, Sons of Anarchy.

In addition to the possibility of the pilot episode being shown at Comic-Con, there is a likelihood that, at the very least, more images of Jones in his role as Brattle will be revealed. Sutter has already released images of Jones through his social media account, so it makes sense that the series would release more teaser photos during the event.

Meanwhile, Sutter has been doing some more promotion of the series on his own. The series creator recently shared an image on his Instagram account that shows what one village will look like in the series.

Along with the photo, which shows several buildings immersed in what appears to be fog, Sutter identified the village as the “Court Village Ventrishire, Wales circa 1311.”

While fans attending Comic-Con will have to wait to find out just how much FX will reveal about The Bastard Executioner, Sutter’s new series is set to premiere this coming fall on FX.

[Image Courtesy: Kurt Sutter via Instagram]