‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Last Laugh Power Assigned, ‘BB17’ House Chaotic Again

Big Brother 17 spoilers are still coming out in Week 2. The latest spoilers from the BB17 house include who won the secret power from the “Last Laugh” twist. These might also be the most intriguing spoilers, because it could shake up the whole game. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Veto ceremony took place and John McGuire saved himself from the block. Head of Household Shelli Poole then nominated Meg Maley as the replacement on the block, putting her up against Da’Vonne Rogers for the Week 2 eviction. A report from fan site Big Brother Network late Monday (July 6) reveals that the plan might not work out as easily as Shelli had hoped.

As Kathy Griffin explained during the last eviction episode (July 2), she was putting a phone in the house that would ring through the week. Each time a houseguest answered the phone it would count as one time, and once the phone had been answered seven times, the power would be awarded. The houseguest that answered it that seventh time was Da’Vonne, giving her the power to nullify three of the votes at the next eviction ceremony. It’s an interesting twist, but the question becomes whether she will even get to use it to the fullest extent.

Da’Vonne is the primary target for eviction and that isn’t even something that would get brought up in the latest Big Brother 17 spoilers. Shelli Poole made it very obvious who she was targeting all along, even though she lied to Becky Burgess when the two had won the HOH competitions. It means that Becky has every reason to come after Shelli later, especially after she was promised that Audrey Middleton was going home next. Instead, Audrey didn’t even get nominated this week, taking away the opportunity that Becky had as a HOH to nominate her.

The next episode of BB17 airs on Wednesday night (July 9), but it’s unclear what the producers are going to show viewers. It could be that only the Veto competition and Veto ceremony are shown, with nothing getting discussed about the “Last Laugh” twist. It’s also entirely possible that the twist fizzles out, because Da’Vonne simply doesn’t have much support in the house. She might end up with just the vote of Jason Roy to support her at the next eviction ceremony, meaning the twist won’t make a difference.

The last hope that Da’Vonne Rogers has to avoid getting evicted is to figure out how to use the Twin Twist to her advantage. She already figured out that Liz Nolan is playing with her sister Julia, but hasn’t told the whole house about it. If she could figure out a way to get Liz to help her find those votes it might work. Otherwise, as these Big Brother 17 spoilers predict, Da’Vonne is the next houseguest that gets to sit down with Julie Chen. Following a very chaotic Week 2 in the BB17 house, the next HOH competition is more important than ever.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]