Lindsay Lohan Started Nightclub Fight, Another Witness Comes Forward

Lindsay Lohan came under fire once again over the last week when she allegedly started a fight at The Standard Hotel’s Smoke And Mirrors Nightclub and now yet another witness has come forward to verify that Lohan was in fact responsible for instigating the fight with another female patron.

That witness tells TMZ that Lohan started the fight after a major misunderstanding erupted between the two sides. According to reports Lohan was in the booth next to the female when Lohan turned to her and aggressively asked “Did you bump into me?”

The girl denied the bump and then said she thought one of Lindsay’s own group members bumped into her, she then pointed at one of the male members in Lohan’s entourage.

Lindsay responded:

“That’s my dad … why would he bump me?”

To which the female patron responded:

“You go clubbing with your dad?”

After that last comment the witness said Lindsay Lohan went crazy, started swearing repeatedly at the girl and threw a drink in her face.

According to reports it was Michael Lohan who grabbed his daughter and bailed in a hurry to avoid an arrest at a time when Lohan is still on informal probation.

While this witness is the second person to come forward claiming Lindsay Lohan started the fight, the first being an employee of The Standard, Michael Lohan continues to make the rounds, adamantly denying his daughter started the fight while claiming the alleged victim threw a drink in Lindsay’s face.

Not that any of this matters, even if found guilty Lindsay Lohan probably wouldn’t spend more than 2 hours of a nearly one year sentence (for violating probation) in jail as the Los Angeles justice system has proven time and time again with the reckless star how incompetent its legal system has become.