Ted Cruz's Presidential Campaign Raises $14 Million

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign has reportedly raised $14.2 million dollars. The Republican Senator from Texas is considered a 2016 candidate to watch by many in the party.

While $14 million in campaign funds may be impressive when compared to some of Cruz's Republican competition, it pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton's funds. According to reports, Hillary's campaign has raised over $45 million, a staggering figure that her GOP contenders likely won't be able to beat.

"In just over 3 months, the campaign has raised more than $14.2 million from over 175,000 contributions, with an average contribution of $81. In the second quarter alone, the Cruz campaign raised roughly $10 million, which added on top of the record-breaking $4.3 million haul in the one week preceding Q2."
Cruz also has the support of several Super PACs. Combined with the Super PACs and the $14 million, Cruz has amassed more than $51 million in campaign funds. The Texas Senator was obviously very pleased with the successful fundraising.
"In Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina – and all across the country – we are seeing courageous conservatives coming together for real change. We're reassembling the Reagan coalition – from conservatives to libertarians to people of Faith – and with the help of so many supporters, we will be able to deliver our optimistic message all across the country."
Even though his campaign is showing moderate financial success, the polls don't look great for Mr. Cruz. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are the two candidates that are polling the best on the Republican side. As Christian Today reports, Jeb Bush is at around 19 percent of the votes, while Trump is seeing 12 percent.

Other GOP presidential hopefuls leading Cruz in the polls include Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has raised $8.3 million, yet still leads Ted Cruz in the early polling.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have likely both collected significantly more funds than Mr. Cruz has. We probably won't find out just how much Bush or Trump have raised until July 15.

As The Washington Post noted, candidates are required to release their fundraising totals by July 15, but Cruz and Carson released theirs early.

"Presidential campaigns must release their end-of-quarter fundraising numbers to the Federal Election Commission by July 15. Cruz and others, including Ben Carson, announced theirs early;"
Cruz is seen by many people, including Republicans, to be too radical. He is seen as easily the most extreme conservative in the 2016 race. Some of the comments and actions the Senator has made throughout the years have upset many conservatives. On the other hand, those who hold to truly conservative beliefs see Ted Cruz as a hero.

[Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images]