Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Thinks Dez Bryant Is Bluffing On Holdout — Is The Star Receiver Broke?

The tumultuous offseason for the Dallas Cowboys continues as there is a lot up in the air as to wide receiver Dez Bryant and his possible holdout. Rumors going around now are that the team believes he is bluffing and won’t miss any games because he simply can’t afford to miss a single game check.

According to HNGN, both Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones are “very optimistic” that a contract extension will be made with Dez Bryant before the deadline of July 15.

Not only are they very optimistic at getting things done, but they are so confident that they took the Fourth of July weekend off from negotiations. Cowboys fans may not have as strong a feeling about all this, but the team brass believe things are well in-hand.

Bleacher Report states that the Cowboys believe Bryant is doing nothing but bluffing with the threat of a holdout. With that, the team has no intention of budging from their current offer to the wide receiver, and they’re pretty sure he will end up taking it and not having to sign the franchise tag.

The franchise tender would pay Bryant $12.8 million for the 2015 season if he signs it.

One of the main reasons that the Cowboys won’t up their offer is because they think Dez Bryant is too desperate for money to hold out any games. It’s believed that the receiver is having money troubles and simply can’t afford to miss a game check.

Now, the holdout by Bryant and the “stall” in negotiations is causing ripples throughout the rest of the NFL.

Sports World Report is stating that the Atlanta Falcons were hoping to have a new long-term deal in place with receiver Julio Jones before training camp. As Jones sees Bryant using the threat of a holdout and the Cowboys getting nervous, he may see it as his chance to get more out of the Falcons.

If Dez Bryant really is going to go through with his holdout, the Dallas Cowboys could start looking at veteran free agent receiver options.

If the rumors are true and Dez Bryant is having money issues, the Dallas Cowboys may be right on the money in calling his bluff. If his threat of a holdout is real, the Cowboys could end up with egg on their face if their top playmaker misses games in 2015.

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