New Black Eyed Peas Video....or is it an Ad for HP?

The Black Eyed Peas are back with a new album and the video for the first single "Boom Boom Pow" has been released.

The premise of the fairly understated video is to show the band going "into the digital afterlife." Says Fergie: "So the transformation is us going into a sort of birth or cocoon...And coming out the other end as forms of energy. It's a parallel to the music industry. Now everything is downloaded."

The one interesting thing in the video is the opening scene and the final scene: The first 5 seconds focuses on a band member using a HP Touchsmart. The final scene zoom back to show the same HP, although there's no mention of the Touchsmart on screen...instead you clearly see the HP logo.

Fergie has already appeared in HP commercials late last year, so the tie-in is not surprising. The blatant nature though is something a little special. I guess musicians raging against corporations are a thing of the past, replaced instead by the offer of high paying product placements.

Here's the HP advertisement Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow video: