Nintendo NX May Not Launch 2016, Contrary To Rumors

Jovi Figueroa

News that Nintendo's newest console, codenamed Nintendo NX, is to hit market this coming 2016 are making millions of gaming fans excited for Nintendo, but it seems 2016 is a far-fetched date for the huge project, even for powerhouse Nintedo, Forbes writes.

Nintendo is undoubtedly at a huge disadvantage in the playing field of console gaming at the moment, with Nintendo Wii U not performing as well as hoped. It's "batchmate" consoles from other companies, namely the Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 from Sony, are doing immensely well in the gaming market, while Nintendo Wii U continues to get left behind.

It is not news, especially for gaming enthusiasts and critics, that Nintendo Wii U is struggling to keep up with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 despite its earlier release date from the two huge console names. It's because of this, it seems, that Nintendo plans to push its newest console, Nintendo NX, to the market.

IGN reports that Nintendo NX will start its initial manufacturing this October with Foxconn Electronics, followed by a target mass production of the Nintendo NX console sometime in May or July 2016. However, back when Nintendo NX first came to the attention of gamers the world over, Nintendo announced that it will continue to hold its silence about the Nintendo NX until 2016 to keep ideas from leaking out to rival companies. Following Nintendo's official statement about Nintendo NX that first official words on the upcoming console will only come in 2016, many critics feel that the leaked date of July 2016 for the commercial release of Nintendo NX is too far-fetched. Commercial release in just a matter of months after the first announcement is incredibly rare even for huge game titles, which is why it's highly suspicious for a huge console like the Nintendo NX to be able to pull off such a feat.

Nintendo Wii U was released in November 2012, a year before Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit the market. Just a measly four years after Nintendo's latest console, it's another unheard of feat for game consoles to only last this short as the latest generation console for a brand. It is possible that Nintendo hopes for Nintendo NX to pull up the weakening image of Nintendo in gaming consoles, ergo Nintendo NX in 2016, but it's still a bit dodgy to take too seriously.

Yahoo reported that as of May 2015, the Nintendo Wii U was still sitting at 9.5 million sales worldwide. Reports that the initial order for Nintendo NX is at 20 million units, thus, is a very ambitious figure. So it's either the report could be entirely bogus or Nintendo has some serious trust in their newest Nintendo NX that it is betting its all on the console's release.

Nintendo continues to keep mum about the Nintendo NX, so it's not a surprise for everyone to keep throwing rumors and speculations around until the company decides to shed some light into the Nintendo NX hullaballoo.

[Image via Nintendo]