Selfish Jerks Annoyed At Traffic Jam Demand Cops ‘Rubber Bullet’ Suicidal Woman On Bridge

As an emotionally distressed woman teetered on the edge of a bridge over England’s busy M3 Motorway, on the verge of committing suicide, Saturday morning, traffic backed up as police tried to talk her down — irritating selfish drivers to the point where they demanded that police, rather than try to save the woman’s life, simply tell her to “get on with it.”

One motorist took to Twitter demanding that police shoot the woman with a rubber bullet. Another sniffed that he was “not impressed” with police efforts to prevent the woman from taking her own life.

“To the person causing traffic jam on the M3/A316, you selfish, selfish twat,” wrote motorist Sara Russell as she sat in traffic on what was admittedly a warm day in Surrey, England, where the bridge — and traffic tie-up — were located. “Surrey police, can’t you rubber bullet the jumper on M3/A316 and get the traffic moving? Or get net ready & charge her? Ridiculous.”

Another motorist with a Twitter account, Frankie Maicourt, griped that his weekend was ruined by the woman’s suicide attempt.

“Tell her to get on with it,” he wrote in a direct Tweet to the Surrey Police, who were in charge of the situation and closed the heavily trafficked road as they delicately negotiated with the distraught woman. “Bloody ruining everyone’s weekend. Sat in this for an hour and a half now.”

“Kids animals and motorbikes on the closed section. Gotta be a better way,” wrote another irritated commuter. “Not impressed regardless of circumstance.”

And yet another motorist, identified on Twitter as “carlygunn21,” suggested that the police simply push the woman off.

“Carry nets…shove…job done,” she posted. “Stop other people dying of heatstroke!”

The motorists’ comments were reminiscent of remarks made last year by rock star Gene Simmons, who said that he would tell people who suffer from depression, “F*** you! Kill yourself!”

As the traffic-advice company Waze showed on it own Twitter feed, traffic in the area was indeed badly gnarled.

After a delay of about two hours, however, police negotiators were able to persuade the woman to give up her suicide attempt. She was led away and held under Britain’s Mental Health Act, which allows authorities to detain people with diagnosed mental disorders for treatment, even without their consent.

The police, however, were also unimpressed — with the self-centered motorists.

“Having members of the public taunt somebody who is clearly in a distressed state as we did earlier today is completely unacceptable,” said Surrey Inspector Julie Hillman. “I appreciate that being stuck in traffic is the last thing that people want to be doing, particularly on a weekend when the weather is hot, but on this occasion it was completely necessary to ensure officers saw this woman to safety.”

At least one of the irate motorists — the same Sara Russell who called for a “rubber bullet” — later came to her senses.

“Goodness I am so sorry for any offense,” she wrote, after a backlash against her comments about the suicidal woman on the bridge holding up traffic. “A 50min journey took so long and you don’t know what my urgency was. I apologize unreservedly.”

[Image: Del Crookes Twitter]