Judge Insists Rape Victim Should Consider Marrying Her Attacker

In most cases, rape victims come forward with information about their attackers in hopes of seeking justice. Once a rape suspect has been found guilty, there are usually consequences for such vile actions, but one judge is making headlines for a shocking alternative recently mentioned to a victim. Surprisingly, the judge isn’t encouraging division.

Instead, he’s actually advocating mediation. But, his idea of “mediation” is more far-fetched than anyone could imagine. He’s even told the victim she should consider marrying her attacker since they now have a child together. According to Indian Express, a young woman — now 21-years-old — was raped at the age of 14 by a vile attacker in India. However, that’s not all. She also became pregnant following the vicious attack. Although the horrific 2008 incident turned the girl’s life upside down, she did find solace in his conviction.

“He added drugs to a cold drink and raped me. We knew each other and had common friends. After I narrated this to my parents, he threatened them. My father was attacked. He (the rapist) pressured me to go for an abortion. He kept denying his role until the DNA report came in. That led to his conviction,” she said. “The entire village boycotted us when they learnt of the rape. Many of my relatives and friends stopped speaking to us. My parents questioned Mohan and were attacked. After that, I delivered a baby. She is now six years old.”

However, her world recently came tumbling down yet again. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the convicted rapist — only identified as V. Mohan — has filed a bail appeal that is being heard by Judge P. Devadas of the Madras High Court. Apparently, the judge feels mediation would allow both sides to speak freely and express their feelings.

“The case before us is a fit case for attempting compromise between the parties…he [the rapist] should be enabled to participate in the deliberations as a free man and vent his feelings, open his mind and moorings. Where there is a will, there is a way,” Judge Devadass added. “‘Mediation’ mode is best suited to them,” the judge reportedly said.

Needless to say, the victim is devastated about the judge’s request. She intends to request for the judge to cancel the meditation order. During a recent interview, she shared her perspective of the entire ordeal in hopes that the judge will understand how the circumstances have, and will, affect her daughter.

“I will fight it out. My entire life. I will show my daughter the way I struggled and fought to survive,” the victim said. “If I go for a settlement, one day my child will question me for taking up his offer of money. If I agree to his offer, maybe we will get something. But what will be her future… being brought up as the daughter of a rapist. Even if her father is a rapist, she will realize one day that her mother struggled for her. She will learn it the hard way. That will make her a good woman.”

“Only those who live here and see my plight understand the kind of problems I have undergone… There are several ways to make money. But you can’t buy dignity. Isn’t this order, without seeking my opinion, now asking me to place my self-respect at the mercy of the man who raped me? How can I have a life with him? I can only request the top judge to cancel this order.”

[Image via Ground Report]