You Need $50,000 Per Year To Be Happy [Study]

Creating your own bit of happiness is easier if you make at least $50,000 per year, that’s the finding from a new study that examined the exact level of happiness when someone earns $50,000 annually.

A previous study claimed that happiness levels peaked at $75,000 per year and that people didn’t become any happier as they earned more money.

This new study came about from a poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and it found that people who make at least $50,000 per year are happier about their housing status, relationships, neighborhood safety, employment, community involvement, spirituality, health, finances and the general direction their life is taking.

Respondents to the poll who earned under $50,000 tended to have negative feelings about the areas covered above and they often claimed their best day were “behind them.” In direct terms people who made under $50,000 and took part in the survey refused to list themselves as “very happy.”

The study also examined the current economic climate and found that at least two-thirds of respondents have faced economic hardships in the last year while more than 50% said they recently cut back on household spending. Another 26% of respondents have pushed back their retirement and 14% say they have had a hard time in the last year when it comes to paying their mortgage or rent.

The study offers some interesting insight into the happiness levels for individuals making different amounts of money, then again it can be very hard to actually gauge a persons happiness level since happiness is such a personal emotion that varies from person to person.