Harry Styles’ Friend Is Missing: One Direction Fans Break The Internet

Let’s be frank: Harry Styles being in the gossip columns isn’t exactly a surprise. Everything that Harry does, from who he is dating to where he takes his mom for dinner, is pored over and subject to scrutiny. What Styles wears and how he styles his hair are the cause of endless discussion among fans, who are amongst the most dedicated and obsessional in all of “fandom.” As a result, it is not too unusual to see Harry or his One Direction pals trending on Twitter.

Earlier today, the hashtag #HarrysFriendIsMissing began to trend on Twitter. Unsurprisingly Harry’s fans began to share and retweet the hashtag believing, not unreasonably, that on of Styles’ friends was a missing person and perhaps in some sort of danger. Not so, however. The real reason for the hashtag is very different and some might think rather weird.

Regular Inquisitr readers might remember that back in April, British singer Ed Sheeran rather cheekily told an interviewer that Harry Styles was rather well blessed in the trouser department. The cheeky interviewer asked Ed if his song “Little Things” was written about Harry’s “Little Thing.” Ed laughingly told the interviewer that Harry most definitely did not have a “Little Thing.”

It might therefore surprise you to know that the “friend” Harry seems to be missing is his “little thing.” It seems that a sharp-eyed Directioner saw a picture of Harry arriving at Los Angeles airport and noticed that something was missing. Harry was snapped wearing a pair of extremely tight white skinny jeans. The observant fan noticed that Harry seemed to be bulging a lot less than usual in the crotch area. To prove her point, she shared two recent pictures of Harry side by side for comparative purposes. The differences are rather startling.


So it would seem that the “friend” Harry is missing is the bulge in his jeans. Whilst most of Harry’s fans were amused by the hashtag and joined in the fun, others were not amused. One Twitter user slammed the 1D fandom for “body shaming” Harry.


One wag produced a Meme which is a little too explicit to share on the Inquisitr, but it included a series of jokes about Harry’s bulge.

One fan said, “Harry it was so big how did you manage to lose it?”

Another joked, “[A]fter five incredible years Harry’s pe**s has decided to leave. Liam, Niall and Louis will continue to have Pe***es and look forward to using them.”

What do you think Harry Styles will make of this. Would Harry be amused or embarrassed?

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]