Say Hello To The New ‘Hello Kitty’ Movie

The cute little kitty that everyone loves is finally getting her own movie. Sanrio announced that the Hello Kitty movie will be released by 2019. Hello Kitty is so popular, her film is expected to take anywhere from $160 million to $240 million to produce.

According to Deadline, Hello Kitty celebrated her 40th birthday last year. Plans are being made to possibly include films from some of Hello Kitty’s fellow characters, who are turning 40 this year, My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

Fans have been enthralled with the sweetness of Hello Kitty for decades, and it doesn’t look like her popularity will be waning any time soon.

The Japan-based Sanrio has recently established a United States based company, Sanrio Media and Pictures Entertainment. This new branch, overseen by Sanrio managing director Rehito Hatoyama, hopes to bring Hello Kitty to an even greater level of popularity, if that is even possible.

According to Screen Crush, Hello Kitty is not a cat. She is a friendly little girl who has catlike features and is the personification of a cat. How is that different, you ask? Perhaps no one knows but the insiders at Sanrio.

In other Hello Kitty news, the largest Hello Kitty theme park in the world opened in China this week, specifically in Anji County, Zhejiang Province. The park is full of kitty themed rides and entertainment of all sorts, including a hotel in the design of a castle, boasting 343 luxury rooms. Sound like Disneyland? Not according to Liu Fudao, general manager of Zhejiang Yinrun Angle Park Management Company, reports the Daily Mail.

“Disneyland is big and comprehensive. Our Hello Kitty Theme Park is small and selective. They have different strengths as well as a shared goal, which is to bring people happiness.”

Critics were less than impressed with the design and layout of the latest Hello Kitty theme park, but a staff member says they have taken suggestions and worked to make the park great.

“We have received good feedback since we soft opened in January. Of course, [we] have also received many suggestions of improvement which helped us to improve our business.”

What do you think of the huge popularity, sometimes bordering on the fanatic, of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty? Would you watch the movie?

[Image via Fan Pop]