Sanrio Planes Create A Family-Friendly Flight Experience

Sanrio fans, get ready to fly Hello Kitty-style. As the world nears Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, you might catch a glimpse of Hello Kitty in the skies. This iconic Japanese cartoon character now decorates Boeing 777-300E EVA Air jets, which will be traveling between Taiwan and France. The Hello Kitty decor extends beyond the hulls of the planes, with flight crew outfits, headrests, and traveler amenities decked out with this adorable icon. If you want to learn how to snag a flight on these charming jets, just take a look at the Hello Kitty EVA Air website. Flight schedules are posted there regularly, and the star-spangled, candy-colored web design seems like the perfect fit to the new jet. For now, it looks like Hello Kitty will be traveling internationally about three to four times each week.

EVA Air isn’t letting any opportunity slip when it comes to connecting with Hello Kitty fans. Don’t be mistaken — this pop culture icon isn’t just beloved by children. Fans of all ages seem to be addicted to Hello Kitty, driving a $5 billion industry around her character alone, according to data published by the New York Times. Whimsical EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Stories give fans special insight into the six different flight decals, which include Magic Stars, Around the World, and Happy Music. The brief decal descriptions give readers interesting trivia, such as why Hello Kitty holds apples on one of the jet decals (hint: Apples are one of her favorite foods). The flight timetables help prospective travelers locate their favorite decals and fly in style.

The fandom doesn’t stop there. Even if you don’t plan to fly anytime soon, you can still explore the jets through a myriad of official publications and graphics released by EVA Air in homage of the experience. Flash-based interactive brochures walk visitors through the experience of Hello Kitty flight, and you can even deck your computer out with branded screensavers and wallpapers. And if you need a memento of your Sanrio flight experience, then just check out the Sky Shop for signs of Hello Kitty’s tell-tale pink bow.

EVA Air released a statement about the Sanrio partnership and their intentions early in September, describing that the new jets were “designed to bridge cultural barriers and invite new friendships around the world.” This doesn’t seem like too lofty of a goal, since Hello Kitty is already recognized and celebrated by fans globally. In the article, “How Hello Kitty Conquered the World,” the Wall Street Journal describes how Hello Kitty has reached the upper echelons of branding, along with mainstays like Mickey Mouse and Garfield.

Hello Kitty has appeared on countless products, so maybe it’s not surprising to see her flying through the skies on her own line of airplanes. Are you looking for a way to make your next family outing more exciting? During your next international trip, consider traveling around in one of the six Hello Kitty jets, and see which characters you can name during your flight.

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