Maryland Man Allegedly Handcuffed Boy, 9, And Nearly Beat Him To Death For Eating Slice Of Birthday Cake Without Permission

A Maryland man allegedly handcuffed a boy and nearly beat him to death after he ate a piece of birthday cake without permission, reports the Daily Mail.

Hagerstown police responded to a call about possible child abuse at 500 block of Lynne Haven Drive on Tuesday and discovered a severely beaten 9-year-old boy who was “unresponsive and not breathing.”

The child was rushed to the Emergency Department of Meritus Medical Center, where doctors say he suffered from multiple “bruises and contusions on his face, ears, neck, spinal column, abdomen and buttocks.”

The child is not expected to survive his injuries, according to prosecutors.

Robert Leroy Wilson, 31, who is the boyfriend of the child’s mother, was taken into custody after police uncovered that he was watching the boy during the time of the incident. The child’s uncle was also present while he was nearly beaten to death, but he claims he had no part in harming the boy.

Apparently, the little boy had eaten a piece of birthday cake that infuriated Wilson, causing him to handcuff the child to the bed before brutally beating him. The child’s uncle says that he tormented the child to teach him not to steal.

Wilson was charged with “first-and-second-degree assault, child abuse with severe physical injury and reckless endangerment.”

“Detectives learned the juvenile had been handcuffed and severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend, Robert Leroy Wilson, earlier that day for eating a piece of birthday cake without his permission,” according to a statement released by police officials.

“Detectives also learned the juvenile had been denied medical attention by his mother and Wilson for approximately four hours despite another adult male, who was in the residence at the time of the assault, calling 911 for assistance.

“When CRS arrived at the residence the first time, they were met outside by the juvenile’s mother who told paramedics that he was simply “congested” and not needed.

“CRS would be called back to the residence at 10:37 p.m. after the juvenile stopped breathing.”

Prior to the incident, another 911 call was made from the residence about a boy who was having difficulties breathing. Once paramedics arrived at the scene, the mother of the boy refused to let the paramedics treat him, claiming he was only “congested.”

Wilson is currently being detained at the county jail with a set bond at $1 million after his court hearing was held on Thursday.

[Image courtesy of With Associates / Flickr / Creative Commons ]