Good Samaritan Teaches Cheeky Kid An Unforgettable Lesson On The Dangers Of Smoking

A good Samaritan is making headlines in the UK after teaching a cheeky and foolhardy kid an unforgettable lesson on the the dangers of smoking,

The youth of today are more than aware of the dangers of smoking, but a certain recklessness, ignorance, and sense of your own immortality is what being young is all about, and that’s why many kids still insist on puffing on nicotine sticks like they’re stuck in a 1950s time warp.

Take the case of the good Samaritan and the young smoker that’s rapidly becoming a contemporary parable in modern Britain.

The Mirror reports that a male shopper who goes by the name of Stanley Kaye was innocently on his way to his local shop, full of the joys of summer and looking forward to browsing the well-stacked fruit n veg aisles, when his blissful reverie was rudely interrupted by a young scallywag who gatecrashed Stanley’s lazy contemplation by asking the happy shopper to buy him a pack of Richmond cigarettes.

The young urchin, who may or may not have resembled something out of Oliver Twist, and who wasn’t much more than 14, approached our hero and snarled something along the lines of, “Here mate do us a solid and pick us up a pack of Richmond fags. I got the dosh guv!”

Stanley registered his disbelief on Facebook following the event.

“Never thought this would happen but it did! Little 14-year-old nugget outside Tesco asked me to get him 10 Richmond, handed me a load of 20ps and 10ps”

So what did Stanley do next? Keen to educate the young lad on the dangers of smoking and approaching complete strangers for favours, Stanley strode into the shop intent on teaching the nicotine addict a timely lesson.

At this point it’s important to note that Richmond are a value brand of cigarettes available since 1999 in the UK, whereas Richmond sausages – which come in thick, thin and skinless – have been on sale since 1889.

And it was a pack of sausages which the good Samaritan purchased and duly gave to his unsatisfied customer.


“You should have seen his face when I handed him these [Richmond sausages] and said, ‘they only do packs of eight, mate’.”

He added, “Got some abuse but so b***** worth it, teach that little t*** a lesson!”

And the lesson is this. Smoking can make you look a bit silly in more ways than one.

(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/ The Mirror)