Who Is The Girl Found Dead In Plastic Bag? Police Use Computer Generated Image To Help With Clues About Her Identity


The body of a little girl who police believed to be 4-years-old was found inside of a plastic bag on Deer Island beach in Boston, Massachusetts, reports Crime Feed.

On June 25, a woman walking her dog on the beach stumbled upon a peculiar plastic bag that appeared to be heavy. As she took a step closer, she realized that inside of the bag was the body of a little girl and immediately contacted Boston police, who later closed off the area.

Upon police arrival, they discovered a girl who appeared to be four years of age inside of the bag, wearing pajamas with a black and white zebra-print blanket next to her. She had long brown hair, stood three and a half feet tall, and weighed about 30 pounds.

According to Boston Globe, Boston medical examiner believes her body was lying on the beach for a short period of time before she was discovered, but don’t know how long she had been dead.

Police officials initially believed that the girl may have been a missing child, but as they rummaged through the missing persons report, there were no pictures of the child. They thoroughly searched the area as well as the water, but couldn’t find any clues.

A week has passed and police officials are still clueless as to who the girl is and how her body ended up in a plastic bag on Deer Island beach. They have resorted to using a computer generated image to show the public what she looked like. They hope this gesture will generate clues about her identity.

“Someone has to know who this child is,” said Robert G. Lowery Jr. who is the vice president of the Missing Children Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“We are still searching, but we can’t find anything.”

“Neither the cause nor the manner of the girl’s death has yet been determined,” according to a statement released by the Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office. “Pathologists will undertake additional specialized testing before attempting to make those findings.”

If anyone has any information regarding the identity of the girl found in a plastic bag, notify Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit at (617) 727-8817 or Winthrop Police at (617) 539-5806.