Alton Towers’ Rollercoaster Stuck Facing Down On Accident

When the Alton Towers rollercoaster became stuck, it is claimed the guests were left facing down toward the ground in what must have been a terrifying experience. The minor rollercoaster accident left people dangling up in the air for a good while before the park could fix the problem.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a teen injured in an Alton Towers rollercoaster accident in June was forced to have a leg amputated. Just days after this horrible crash, Alton Towers shut down two rollercoasters and evacuated children from a third coaster.

With the Alton rollercoaster stuck facing down for 20 minutes, those on the ride have begun posting photos and tweets on Twitter about the incident. Reps for the theme park have apologized for the minor rollercoaster accident, and they claim there is nothing wrong with their rides and attractions.

“Of course we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused to our guests, and we have apologised to them, but as I’m sure you can appreciate we will not operate a ride if there is any suggestion of a safety compromise,” said a spokeperson, according to BBC.

The day the Alton rollercoaster became stuck also happened to coincide with another mishap. About 80 people were stuck in monorail due to a “technical issue” after “a sensor was activated on one train that caused it to stop and then a second train travelling behind it was automatically shut down by the system.” No injuries were reported, although it took hours for the air ride to clear out using the evacuation walkways.

“In order to try and keep the evacuation of the 80 guests as simple as possible the decision was taken to move the trains to the nearest evacuation platforms,” a park spokesperson said. “This took around half an hour for one train and a further 30 minutes for the second.”

The recent history of serious rollercoaster accidents must have been on their minds since they also added the health of all guest was their focus.

“Guests are more focused on any minor delay or technical stoppage at the current time, but any delays that we are experiencing now are within our expected level and will be dealt with according to our stringent processes. Rides will reopen as appropriate,” Alton Parks said, according to The Evening Telegraph. “Alton Towers puts the health and safety of its guests at the forefront of everything it does, which means that from time to time rides will be closed to allow for technical issues to be reviewed.”

[Image via Theme Park Review]