Ed Sheeran Is The Coolest Pop Star On Planet Earth: Here’s Why

Loveable pop star Ed Sheeran is arguably the coolest guy on the planet. Sheeran is famed as one of the music industry’s nicest guys, but when is comes to being cool you need look no further than Ed. Sure Sheeran has cool friends. Ed counts Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Elton John amongst his best friends, thats pretty cool.

Sheeran’s latest album X was one of the top selling records globally last year and has spent a full year in the top 10 UK album chart. Ed’s single and his unofficial wedding anthem “Thinking Out Loud” has also spent a full year in the UK singles chart. Sheeran is the most streamed artist on Spotify, with his songs having been streamed over one billion times. No-one can doubt that those are all very cool achievements.

As cool as those achievements are they pale into insignificance when compared with Sheeran’s coolest achievements. The real reason why Ed is so cool is the lengths he goes to in supporting his fans.

Just a few days ago Ed overheard his song “Thinking Out Loud” being sung by a 13-year-old girl in a shopping mall as part of a charity fundraiser. Ed didn’t just stop to watch and listen, he jumped up on stage and performed an impromptu duet with the young fan. That small act of kindness was far from the first time that Sheeran has done something cool for a fan.

Whilst on tour in Australia recently, Ed heard a story about a young couple who were getting married after having suffered through some pretty tough times. The couple had won a dream wedding package as a prize from a Sydney radio station. Ed was moved by the couple story and as a result decided that he would help to make their day even more special by crashing the wedding reception to serenade the newly weds.

When Sheeran heard that a teenage fan Katie Papworth was dying from cancer, he arranged for Katie and her family to meet him backstage at one of his shows. It was a very special moment for Katie, who sadly died shortly after the meeting. Ed has even paused mid concert to call a fan up onto the stage so that the fan could propose to his girlfriend.

It seems that Ed is about to show us once again that he really cares about his fans. Tracy Henrickson from Grimsby has been paralyzed four times by systematic lupus erythematosus. Tracy is a huge Ed Sheeran fan and her friends have been running an internet campaign to try to get Ed to attend tracy’s wedding. According to ITV News Ed’s management have been in touch to say that Ed might just be able to help.

It is Ed Sheeran’s efforts to help out his fans that make him the coolest star on the planet.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]