Enrique Iglesias Arrested And Charged After Driver Switcheroo Stunt Goes Awry

Singer Enrique Iglesias was arrested in Florida this spring, and the news is now making headlines. While the initial news of the singer’s arrest seemingly flew under the radar at the time, he’s facing charges related to the incident and is due in court soon. The singer, and his tour manager (who was involved in the incident), are said to have pled not guilty to the charges they’re facing.

As NBC Miami reports, the charges are a result of an incident that took place during a traffic stop in Miami-Dade County on May 6. Enrique Iglesias was arrested after his Cadillac Escalade was pulled over on Interstate 95.

Reports indicate that after the Escalade was pulled over, Enrique quickly jumped from the driver’s seat to the back of the vehicle. Isglesias’ passenger, said to be his tour manager, Abel Tabuyo, then slid into the driver’s seat. After that, Iglesias slid into the passenger seat and the two men tried to lead the officer to believe that Tabuyo had been the driver all along.

The Florida Highway Patrol report indicates that an officer saw Iglesias’ vehicle improperly move from the regular lanes on Interstate 95 into an express lane, though the express lanes were clearly marked and closed. The trooper saw the driver and passenger exchange seats, which is what led to problems for the both of them. In addition, it seems that Tabuyo even admitted the two had switched seats, though he reportedly said he didn’t know why he went along with the idea.

After Enrique Iglesias was arrested, he was charged with obstruction without violence and driving with a suspended license. Tabuyo was also charged with obstruction in the incident. Reports indicate that all of the charges are misdemeanors. Entertainment Tonight shares that both men were taken into custody after the May 6 incident, and they were released once they signed commitments to appear in court.

This has been a challenging few months for the singer, as just a few weeks after the arrest he severely injured his hand during a concert. Though Enrique kept singing at the time, the injuries were significant and video of the incident went viral online. Iglesias needed reconstructive surgery to manage the injuries.

Most would imagine that Enrique Iglesias’ arrest and charges won’t lead to anything too concerning in terms of consequences, though for now, fans will have to stay tuned. Enrique’s next court date is said to be July 10.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]