Anorexic Actress Rachael Farrokh Takes Her First Steps In Months [Video]

Anorexic actress Rachael Farrokh stood up on two feet for the first time in months. Rachael issued a desperate online plea for help with her anorexia a month ago to raise money to pay for medical support, after claiming no hospitals would take her as a patient.

With the help of her husband, Rod Edmondson, and thousands of caring people, it looks as though her desperate plea for survival is starting to pay off.

Anorexic Rachael Farrokh Before Photo
Actress Rachael Farrokh, 37, weighs roughly 40 pounds and has suffered from a severe form of anorexia for over 10 years. She lives in San Clemente, California, and says her last chance of survival is treatment at a hospital across the country. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

For more than 10 years, Rachael has been battling with anorexia, and in recent months, her health seriously declined.

Because of her eating disorder, she has suffered kidney, liver, and heart failure and has had multiple blood transfusion, blood clots, and edema.

Rachael’s anorexic condition seriously deteriorated and was bound to her bed for months. The 37-year-old is said to weigh a mere “40-something pounds.”

Rachael Gets Help
Rachael Receives Help From Husband, Rod Edmondson. (Photo courtesy of Rachael's Road to Recovery: YouTube)

In hopes of raising funds totaling nearly $100,000 to pay for medical treatment, the California actress launched a GoFundMe page and YouTube video in a last ditch, life saving plea for help.

Rachael actually raised more than her initial request. Her desperate plea for help gained the support of more than 7,500 people who donated $196,527.

Rachael’s 41-year-old husband, Rod Edmondson from San Clemente, Calif., posted a thank you to supporters and explained the reason they generated Rachael’s Road to Recovery GoFundMe account.

“Regarding the GoFundMe Account – to be honest, this was initially just send out to friends and family and we had no idea the attention the story would receive. We were grateful for any amount and of course if you’ve ever done something like this, at the start – $100,000 sounded plenty of money to get us through; however, after talking further with the doctors and therapist – we seriously underestimated those costs.”

Since they sent out an appeal for help with her anorexic condition, Rachael has made some improvements according to her husband Rod.

Rachael Farrokh Walks
Withe the help of her husband Rod, Rachael walks for the first time in months. (Photo courtesy of Rachael's Road to Recovery: YouTube)

Though Rachael Farrokh is suffering with anorexia nervosa, she is fortunate to recognize her eating disorder and get the help she desperately needs before it’s too late. However, millions of other people suffer with anorexia and need help.

There are close to 3 million cases of people suffering with anorexia in the United States alone. Unfortunately, many of these anorexic individuals are unable to get the help and support they need.

Rod said they plan to do their best to help other people who are anorexic get well.

“After we pay for the cost of her treatment and she’s healthy, our plan is to create a nonprofit for awareness and help others going through this same dreaded disease. Any unused funds will be directed to this non-profit and it is our hope that we can spread the word and save more lives by education. We don’t want any families to have to go through what we have been through.”

“We finally made it! Thanks to all of you who have been sending good thoughts, prayers and well wishes, we have had a rough couple of weeks. We are so excited to tell everyone that we are now safely in an Eating Disorder facility. We have a lot of work ahead of us but with the love and support we will fight this recovery.”

[Featured image via Rachael Farrokh/Facebook]