Anorexic Teen Who Dropped To Just 70 Pounds Opens Cake Company To Help Her Gain Weight

An 18-year-old anorexic girl from Essex in Britain whose weight dropped to just 70 pounds, has set up a cake baking company to assist her on the road to recovery from her condition.

At her worst, Faith March lived on nothing but coffee as she slipped to her lowest ever weight in March 2014.

Having tried her best to fight the anorexia herself, Faith was overcome and was found by her boyfriend collapsed in her bathroom.

Faith’s family sent her for treatment to the Priory Hospital in Chelmsford, and she was able to restore her weight to a more normal 112 pounds with some hard work and determination.

In order to take things a step further, Faith set up her catering business, as she told reporters, “This business has helped me get out of a massive hole. If I’m honest, it was a hole I never thought I would get out of. It just seemed like a never-ending cycle of problems.”

In speaking about her battle with anorexia, Faith shared, “‘I tried to combat it in so many ways that I look back on now and think ‘what was I doing?’ such as just staying in bed, working out at the gym all the time and just generally not accepting help. Then, a terrifying episode later that year made it hit home just how bad her problem was.

Faith went on to speak about that incident, explaining, “After one long day working from 11am until 10pm at the pub in which I hadn’t eaten, my boyfriend found me collapsed on the bathroom floor. I can’t remember much about what happened but he said I couldn’t go back there as I was just too unwell. We went on holiday and my family told me they thought I would die if I carried on working in that environment. It hit me then. I realised something needed to be done to save my life.”

After Faith quit her nine-to-five job and stayed at home building up her weight, she said her mother Heather was a great support and source of strength for her, “My parents have been so supportive by letting me run the business from home and my boyfriend has been a tower of strength as well,” she said.

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