LA Lakers Rumors: Team May Be Looking To Trade Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, And Others For Big Names

The LA Lakers are really hoping to be big-time players in the 2015 NBA free agency season, but they may end up doing it more with trades than signings. Right now, there are rumors floating around that they would be willing to part with their last two first round draft picks in order to land someone like DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.

Right now, the Lakers appear to be going after LaMarcus Aldridge and a couple other players in free agency, but trade options may be more attractive.

If the Lakers could get the Sacramento Kings interested in trading DeMarcus Cousins, Los Angeles may be willing to give up some big-time assets. Sports Illustrated states that the Lakers would be willing to trade 2015 first round draft pick D’Angelo Russell straight up for Cousins.

The Kings would probably want more in return though, and it could include trying to pry Jordan Clarkson, other draft picks, and even last year’s first round draft pick Julius Randle from the Lakers.

Currently, Cousins has three years and a little over $47 million left on his contract with the Kings. Last year, he averaged 24.1 points and 12.7 rebounds which would be just what the Lakers are looking for.

Some other options are out there though; such as DeAndre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge, and other players mentioned in rumors that began a while back.

If the Lakers could swing the free agent signings of Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler, then there is your big-man combo in the lane. It would easily make the Lakers into immediate contenders in the West again if Kobe Bryant can stay healthy.

One thing with the Lakers is that they have a number of contracts they have to unload to free up cap space. That will especially be the case if they are going after Jordan and Aldridge, who could demand salaries each starting around $18-19 million.

That’s a lot of money to free up, but it would be money going to the right people needed for a better season.

The LA Lakers have a lot of rumors swirling right now with NBA free agency in full swing and the possibility of numerous trades that could happen. DeMarcus Cousins could end up in Los Angeles with the Lakers, but so could LaMarcus Aldridge or Tyson Chandler or others not even named yet. A lot is going to happen, and it’s just getting started.

[Image via Getty Images – Brian Babineau]