‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Passcodes And Special Events: July 2015 Guide

Pokémon Shuffle just keeps mixing it up. This month, players get a new code, more expert stages, a new daily challenge mode, and more. To help players keep track of it all, the Inquisitr delivers another useful guide to passcodes and everything Shuffle for the month of July.

Chesnaut Artwork - Pokemon X and Y - Image courtesy NintendoMore Evolutions In Expert Stages

Shuffle players looking for more expert level challenges can rejoice as Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja have been added to the game. To unlock these additional Expert Stages, it is necessary to clear a minimum number of regular game stages with an S-Rank grade. Greninja unlocks with 200 S-Rank stage grades, Chesnaught requires 191 and Delphox requires 195.

New Passcode Gives You More Moves

After several weeks without any active passcodes, there is finally a new Pokémon Shuffle code that dishes out some freebies to the fans. Tap the notebook icon on the bottom right of the level select screen and enter the passcode 06150503. This passcode gifts the player three of the “Moves + 5” items. When one of these items is activated, it gives the player five extra moves during battle. These items normally cost 800 coins each, so the gift has a value of 2,400 coins. According to GameFaqs, this passcode is valid until September 15, 2015.

The Mystical Manaphy

In celebration of four and a half million Pokémon Shuffle downloads across the globe, Manaphy is available to catch for a limited time. The Manaphy special stage is currently the only place this legendary Pokémon can be caught, and it is available for download in Shuffle until July 6 at 6:00 (UTC). As a Water-type, Manaphy is weak against Grass and Electric-types like Shaymin, Treecko, Ivysaur, Electrike, Pichu or Pikachu. In particular, Pikachu’s “Paralyze” skill can come in quite handy during this match up. Once captured, players can make use of its handy Swap+ skill, as detailed by the official Pokémon Shuffle website.

“Manaphy’s skill is Swap+. This skill allows Manaphy to randomly replace three disruptions in the puzzle area with Manaphy’s own icon. With this, you can create new chances to attack while also clearing disruptions!”

Pokémon Safari Is The New Daily

Love it or hate it, a new blind battle mode named after the video games’ Pokémon Safari area is the newest daily Pokémon Shuffle challenge. Instead of facing off against a known daily opponent, players can venture into the Safari to battle one of five random, mystery Pokémon. According to the official site, until July 6 at 6:00 (UTC), those five Pokémon are Darumaka, Darmanitan, Electrike, Manectric and Stantler. Since the opponent is a mystery until the battle begins, the “optimize” button is disabled in the daily Safari area. However, knowing that there are two Fire-types, two Electric-types and one Normal-type in the current Safari mix can help you with putting together a team.

Compete For Manectite

Catching Manectric may become a priority in your Safari expeditions, given that the first competition of the month puts players worldwide up against Mega Manectric. The top 40,000 players with the highest submitted scores earn the Manectite stone that gives Manectric the power to Mega Evolve. Bonus items are given to the top 20,000 and top 6,000 players in form of a Mega Start or Mega Speedup item, respectively. Players who do not quite make the top cuts receive a jewel just for participating, making it worthwhile for all Shuffle players to submit a score at least once during the competition period. Hurry, scores must be submitted by July 6 at 5:00 (UTC).

As more Pokémon Shuffle events unfold this month, stay tuned for an update or follow-up to this guide, as you saw with our Part 2 guide for June. Got a player tip? Share it with your fellow trainers in the comments below.

[Images courtesy Nintendo]