WWE News: WWE Diva Lana Finally Set To Have Her First Official Match In WWE

WWE Diva Lana has become quite popular over the last year. People yell at every event “we want Lana” due to how over she is these days. She could very well be the most over WWE Diva on the main roster right now, and she doesn’t even wrestle. However, this might change quite soon. As you might have seen this past week on WWE RAW, Lana got a bit physical in the ring.

She and Summer Rae threw down in a battle of legs that made the online world gasp with excitement. The live crowd at WWE RAW had no idea how to react to it at first, but when it got going they chanted “YES! YES! YES!” Fans surely want this. It seems moreover, they want to see Lana wrestle in the ring regardless of who her opponent is. This is something the world has been waiting for, and WWE is just about ready to give it to us.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning to have a mixed tag team match take place whenever Rusev is cleared to return to in-ring action. It is set to put Rusev and Summer Rae up against Dolph Ziggler and Lana. There might be a prize on the line with this, but it is unknown.

Many have wondered why Lana has never wrestled before and why she barely gets physical in the ring. Apparently, when she was signed in 2013, she was injured while working at the WWE Performance Center. She was prohibited from taking bumps at that time, but WWE didn’t mind having her stay out of action. She was so impressive with her acting ability that WWE felt she could be a huge help as a manager, which is why she ended up working as Rusev’s manager for a while.

It is uncertain what sort of injury Lana sustained that day way back when, but it was enough for WWE to not allow her in the ring. It could have been that she was hurt for a while but did so well in her managerial role that WWE had no plans for her to wrestle like the other WWE Divas.

Now that fans want to see Lana wrestle and WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon wants her to be the face of the WWE Diva Division, she has to get in the ring at least some. The best way to start is in a mixed tag match. She could very well be training to wrestle already, but it is not yet known. She does seem to have some kickboxing experience, but that does not mean she’ll be a great in-ring worker.

Fans do want to see Lana perform, but they also do not want to see her stink it up in the ring. That said, WWE has a lot of time to teach her enough to do well in one match. One would imagine that Rusev will be good to go by WWE SummerSlam and that is more than enough time to teach Lana enough to get by.

[IMG Credit: gorillapressonline.com]