WWE News: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Claims WWE Diva Lana Is ‘Too Hot To Be Heel’

WWE Diva Lana has clearly stood out since making her debut as the manager of monster heel Rusev last year. For the most part, fans didn’t care for Rusev in many ways during his run. As a result, the fans cheered when they saw Lana because of how gorgeous she was on top of how good she was at her job. This started to catch the attention of management.

When they realized they were going to end the winning streak of Rusev, they had to make sure they teased an angle where Lana would eventually leave his side as well to push her with someone else or on her own. They teased it before WrestleMania 31 and finally last week they decided to officially have the pair split to push them. It is thought that Lana will be doing a program with Rusev for a bit, but nothing that will go on to the end of the year or anything.

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has taken a big liking to Lana. According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince was heard saying that Lana was “too hot and too blonde to be heel.” This is the main reason she has been put with Dolph Ziggler right now. Vince was the main person behind the babyface push for Lana. Which isn’t shocking.

His comments were a bit weird though as Maryse, Terri Runnels, Michelle McCool, Sunny, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Trish Stratus were all heel in their careers and blonde. Most would claim all were hot as well. That said, Vince’s comments don’t make a lot of sense. No one is claiming that Lana isn’t beautiful and worthy of a babyface run however, she certainly is both.

However, his words do seem odd looking at the past WWE Divas.

There is talk of having Lana eventually drop her Russian gimmick and talk it up as something she used to get noticed or was forced to do it, something along those lines. There was an idea that she would go by her real name, CJ Perry or simply CJ. This would of course happen when she went to the other gimmick.

WWE also feels that they can capitalize on the CJ name due to the Baywatch connection between her and Pam Anderson’s character from the infamous television show. This would be a side of her we have not seen. Another side of her would be her ring work. We’ve never seen Lana wrestle. There was a picture online recently of her appearing to do kickboxing. It is unknown whether or not she plans to get in the ring any time soon, but fans would love to see it if she or WWE ever wanted to make it happen.

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