Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Call It Quits

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

After 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are throwing the towel in. The couple has three children together, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, who are between the ages of nine and three. Affleck and Garner met on the set of Daredevil in 2003 where they were costars and started dating soon after the movie wrapped.

The couple released a statement to People.

“After much through and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time. This will be our only comment on this private, family matter. Thank you for understanding.”

Rumors have been swirling that the couple would be getting divorced. In 2014, Garner interviewed with InStyle were she said that their marriage was no longer in the “courtship” phase. but she was fine with it.

Fox News reports that the couple had been living apart for several months and that Garner is looking at the break up as an opportunity to move out from under Affleck’s shadow and hopefully revive her acting career.

“Jen is excited to get back to work. She took a step back to focus on her marriage and family but wants to return to making more movies.”

A neighbor of the couple also talked about the breakup.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking to see a long time A-list husband and wife and seemingly loving parents splitting up.”

Earlier, the Inquisitr reported that the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner would be staying together for the sake of their children, according to a source.

“There is trouble in their relationship, the rumors are out there because they are soaked in truth but the rumors that are not out there is that they want to save the marriage for the kids. Jen sees the man that Ben is, the father that he has become and that outweighs the nonsense. They are not out of the woods yet but they are definitely trying hard to mend fences.”

Sadly, that was not the case and after celebrating their 10-year anniversary on Monday, they are filing for divorce.

How do you feel about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorcing? Did you see it coming or are you upset by the development of their relationship?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/ Getty Images]