Sean Penn Moving On From Charlize Theron With Minka Kelly?

Sean Penn moving on

Is Sean Penn moving on from Charlize Theron? It looks like it. Although it’s only been a few weeks since news hit that the couple split, it looks like Penn is wasting no time in jumping back into the saddle. So who is he moving on with? Well, sources told Us Magazine that it’s none other than actress Minka Kelly.

If you recognize Minka, it’s because she’s been on the arm of pretty popular guys, including former Yankee captain Derek Jeter, actor Chris Evans, and John Mayer — to name a few. Now, it seems that she has moved on from an on-and-off relationship with Chris Evans to possibly Sean Penn.

According to sources, these are the very early days for Sean Penn and Minka Kelly, but the two did go out on a date. Penn apparently paid for Kelly and friends as they dined on a “very pricey meal” at Thomas Keller’s, which is located in Napa, California. This occasion was special as it was a celebratory event for the actress’ 35th birthday. Sean and Minka were snapped by TMZ’s cameras while dining, and although you can’t really see elation on Penn’s face, apparently, they had a good time.

Penn reportedly took a friend of his to meet Minka and her friend for a double date in Napa. The pair first set eyes on each other during a function Sean threw for his Haiti relief organization. That said, it sounds like Minka and Sean are still testing the waters out.

“That was their first date, but it was a group setting. It was more of a ‘let’s see how this goes.’ Minka and Sean got along great and had a great time, but it’s unclear where it’s going.”

As the Inquisitr reported, it’s uncertain what went down between Sean and Charlize Theron. The couple were engaged, and he was in the middle of adopting her son, but after the pair came back from the Cannes Film Festival, that’s when things went awry. A source told Us Magazine that Theron completely cut him off and started to ghost him out of her life.

“Charlize wasn’t responding to his calls and texts. She just cut it off.”

What do you think about the new pairing of Minka Kelly and Sean Penn? Will they go the distance?

[Photo Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images]