Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Split: How Charlize Cut Sean Off

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron broke off their engagement. The news didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who was aware of their separate track records. Still, everyone wanted to know who or what was behind the split.

While we don’t know why they decided to split, we do know who made the first move, and that was Charlize Theron. According to Us Magazine, Charlize Theron just stopped answering her phone and cut Sean Penn off in a cold and calculated way.

Although the pair seemed to find a sense of domesticity with each other, with Penn acting as a father figure to Charlize’s son, Jackson, their December engagement didn’t last.

According to the source, “Charlize wasn’t responding to his calls and texts. She just cut it off.”

We don’t know exactly why Theron refuses to answer Sean’s phone calls and texts, but this definitely isn’t a good sign.

The pair were inseparable at the Cannes Film Festival, and according to a source, “Sean and Charlize looked very happy together while at the Hotel Du Cap. [There were] no signs of tension or a breakup.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that their intimacy has been on the rocks for a few weeks, despite looking great together at Cannes Film Festival. Penn returned to his Malibu home, and Theron went back to her Hollywood home with her son. According to a source, the adoption papers for Sean to become Jackson’s father have stopped.

Despite all of this, the pair will have to get used to being around each other again, at least in the professional sense. Sean Penn recently directed Charlize Theron in the film The Last Face in South Africa. While we don’t know how they’ll get along after this split is put to rest, a source told Radar Online that mixing business with pleasure wasn’t a smart idea for the pair.

“Working together on the project definitely took a toll on the relationship. Everyone knows how intense Sean is, and there is no exception on movie sets. Charlize felt he was overly critical of her at times. Separating work and personal became hard, and the lines were definitely blurred.”

Theron was open about this strain on their relationship in an interview with Elle magazine.

“Putting aside that he’s my partner, he’s the love of my life; for the first time, I felt that my work was really bleeding into my life and that made it hard. There were moments where I was incredibly unfair to him. And moments where I felt like… he was incredibly unfair to me. But it makes you realize that no matter how complicated it gets, the priority is the relationship.”

Do you think Charlize and Sean’s split will stick?

[Photo by Clemens Bilan / Getty Images]