‘Breaking Bad’ Actress Anna Gunn Joining Wall Street Film ‘Equity’

Breaking Bad actress

Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn isn’t letting the end of that show derail her career at all. Since Breaking Bad has gone off the air, Anna Gunn has moved onto another show that centers on criminals, though from a different perspective in the Criminal Minds spinoff. Now, the woman who was Breaking Bad‘s leading lady is going to be a leading lady on the silver screen, since it was announced she will be joining the female-driven Wall Street film, Equity.

Equity is being touted as the first female-driven movie that centers around Wall Street put out, and the film’s producers apparently wanted to make sure they had a star who was well-suited for a role with such potential pressure. Breaking Bad has likely certainly trained Anna Gunn to take on high pressure roles. Most Breaking Bad fans have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Gunn because of the way Anna’s character played off of Walter White. The fact that she went through most of Breaking Bad‘s run acting as if she had no idea what her husband was doing annoyed some.

This time, Anna Gunn will definitely have some idea as to what she’s getting into in the story of Equity. The Breaking Bad star will play an investment banker “who is threatened by a financial scandal and must untangle a web of corruption, forcing her to re-examine the rules of the cutthroat world she has always loved,” according to Variety.

The film is being put on by Broadstreet Pictures, which has the stated mission of making films that are focused more on women and women’s issues than what you normally see in Hollywood. By bringing in the star actress, the company is already getting some serious street cred. Anna Gunn won an Emmy in 2013 for Best Supporting Actress, thanks to her work in Breaking Bad. Anna Gunn isn’t the only top-gun talent attached to the picture — Meera Menon signed on earlier this year to be the director for Equity and it has been hinted at that her addition is one of the reasons Anna Gunn was excited to join the cast. Anna Gunn might be playing a role she hasn’t really taken on before, but it’s a safe bet she will be more than able to hold her own. After Breaking Bad, everything else must seem like a piece of cake.

[Photo by Kris Connor / Getty Images for EMILY’s List]