Constantine And The Justice League Dark Film 'Dark Universe' Just Hit A Big Snag

David Joseph

Constantine and DC Comics fans maybe the only ones who are aware of the Justice League Dark, but obviously, there is enough interest, because a movie under the moniker Dark Universe has been in production for over a year or two. Guillermo Del Toro was the first major attachment to the Justice League Dark movie that made it feel like it was actually going to be produced, but according to Cinema Blend, Dark Universe hit a big snag.

There was not much fanfare, and little specific information, but Guillermo Del Toro has apparently decided to drop out of directing the Justice League Dark movie that many fans felt would bring Constantine and Matt Ryan to another outlet. The Inquisitr reported on the ongoing fight to save Constantine from being completely shelved in the TV world.

Justice League Dark consists of magic-related superheroes that are more of a loosely held together group of loners that, at its core, houses the characters John Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Jason Blood aka Zetrigan the Demon, Swamp Thing, and other rotating characters. Many fans saw Del Toro as a perfect get after his Hellboy films. As Comicbook reported, Guillermo Del Toro handed in the Justice League Dark script this past November, but had stated he did not know if he could stay attached to the movie.

Del Toro is finishing his new Gothic horror film, Crimson Peak, that is due out in October. Also, he is said to be working on a Pacific Rim sequel, and his Hellboy lead star, Ron Perlman, has been hinting at a Hellboy III film.

The Justice League Dark movie, and John Constantine's new onscreen outlet, is not considered cancelled. Del Toro had stated the movie would continue if he could not fit it into his movie schedule, and that it was going to be part of the shared universe. He also had felt at one point last year that it would coexist with Constantine the show, which makes sense because his script was said to include Swamp Thing, Constantine, The Spectre, Deadman, Zatanna, and Zatara.

John Constantine was already properly introduced in the NBC series, and The Spectre was hinted at several times on the same show.

Screenrant points out that other Vertigo Comics properties have moved to New Line Cinema, except for the Justice League Dark movie, which belongs to Warner Bros. like the regular Justice League. Neil Gaiman's Sandman film is the only one that has made significant development at this point.

So, Justice League Dark and Constantine fans are put in another awkward limbo-like place. The ball is in Warner Bros. court, and the outcome of this game is anyone's guess.

What are your thoughts? Will you still watch the movie without the Hellboy director?

Does this spell doom for it over all?

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