Husband’s Shocking Discovery Led To Stabbing Wife 24 Times While Her Son Watched In Horror

man stabs wife 24 times

After hearing the words “our marriage is over,” an irate husband began stabbing his wife 24 times before strangling her in their home while her son watched in horror, according to Mirror.

Last year on November 25, the now 34-year-old John Barron of Avon Terrace, Columbia, Washington began strangling his wife, Susan, 50, while they lay in bed after she told him that the she wanted out of their marriage. After strangling her, he asked her to accompany him downstairs to talk. However, he wanted to do more than talk.

Once Susan joined him downstairs, he pushed her against the wall and stabbed her in the neck four to five times.

Susan’s son, David Quin, 26, who was asleep during the brutal attack, awoke after hearing his mother scream for help. He rushed to her aide, but was attacked by his step-father whose mission was only to kill.

David ran to a neighbor’s house for help and police were immediately called. Upon their arrival, they discovered John hovered over his wife with a kitchen knife in hand. He turned to the officers, making eye-contact, just before stabbing her several more times.

At this point, he had stabbed his wife 24 times.

“I honestly thought I was going to die,” Susan said to the police. “This has had a profound effect on me and my son. I have the support of friends and family, but when I’m alone I reflect on how I could easily have been killed.”

“I’ve been unable to return home and had to be re-housed, which has brought added stress. I’m terrified my attacker finds out where I’m living and I will be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life thinking I’m going to come across him,” she continued.

“I’ve watched my son go from being an outgoing young man to a quite subdued person since this, and as a direct result he is receiving treatment from mental health professionals.”

“As a mother I find this very difficult to cope with, and I only hope the passage of time means he can get back to his old self.”

Susan sustained stab wounds to the abdomen, neck, arms, and legs during the brutal attack, and had to undergo an emergency surgery to save her life.

Although this was John’s most violent episode, it wasn’t the first time he’d display erratic behavior. In fact, there had been a number of occasions where Susan feared for her life, which is why she opted to end their marriage.

“His continuing behavior had meant she had decided at that point to tell him as far as she was concerned, the relationship was over and she’d had enough,” prosecutor Jolyon Perks said to the Newcastle Crown Court.

After pleading guilty to attempted murder, John received 15 years in prison on Monday as well as an indefinite restraining order, which prevents him from seeing his wife and step-son upon his release.

[Image courtesy of Brandon Anderson / Flickr / Creative Commons ]