Last-Minute Tax Filing? IRS Gives 8 Tips

Well, it’s tax day. If this has somehow slipped your mind and you’re rushing around to get in a last minute tax-filing, here are a few tips from the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service has been harassing the power of social media this year to give out a few tips to tax payers. According to Mlive, more than 500,000 people have downloaded the IRS phone app and more than 20,000 people have been following the IRS on Twitter.

IRS spokesman Luis D. Garcia said:

“More than 23,000 Twitter followers get daily tax tips and IRS news at their fingertips. IRS tweets from @IRSnews include tax-related announcements and daily tax tips. Other IRS Twitter accounts tailor information for tax professionals and Spanish speaking taxpayers and even localized information for Michigan @Luis_IRS.”

If you haven’t been following the IRS on Twitter, here are some last minute tax tips.

File electronically – The IRS has allowed people to file electronically. They have processed more than 1 billion tax returns this year. Last year, approximately 112 million people used IRS e-file last year.

Carefully check your identification numbers – Make sure that the social security numbers for all people on your tax return are correct. Incorrect numbers can delay or reduce a tax refund.

Keep a copy – Once you’re ready to file, make sure that you print and save a copy of your return.

Check the address – Make sure you are sending your return to the right place.

Make sure to write legibly – Make sure that you write clearly and legibly.

Review all figures – Once you’ve finished, make sure you double check for errors. Filing electronically can help you catch errors.

Check Payment Information – Make sure that you have the right routing and account numbers if you are requesting a direct deposit.

Request a Filing Extension. If you cannot meet the April 17 deadline, you can requesting a filing extension. This will prevent late filing fees. The IRS notes, however, that even though an extension will give you more time to file your taxes, you’ll still need to pay your taxes by April 17th.

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