Rihanna Focuses On Fashion Instead of ‘R8’ As Demos Leak On Social Media

Rihanna has been driving her fans crazy with the release of her R8 album. As her fans continue to wait for new music, Rihanna shifts her focus elsewhere.

According to several reports, RiRi wants to put music on the backburner for now. The “FourFiveSeconds” singer is looking to take over the fashion world. The singer is rumored to take a break from the music industry to focus on branding herself in the fashion industry, an inside source told Grazia.

“In this week’s issue, we exclusively reveal that Rihanna, 27, has allowed her music to take a bit of a back seat because she is in the process of launching herself as a serious fashion designer – starting with an accessories line. An application was filed last month at the US Patent and Trademarks Office by Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade, LLC, for a new brand, $CHOOL KIlls.’ It was registered and trademarked in New York on 11 May under the category of ‘leather products’ and ‘clothing products.'”

There’s more news about Rihanna’s edgy new clothing line. It will include a wide variety of apparel and accessories, according to the insider.

“$CHOOL KIlls will be an accessories range covering everything from tote bags to purses, and later on, fashion. She still loves the music, and it’s what launched her, but this is her focus right now.”

This isn’t the only source that’s hinted about Rihanna’s rumored fashion career. Her creative director, Ciarra Pardo, also hinted that the singer wants to launch her own clothing line since she sued Topshop for using her image on their clothing and accessories.

“Rihanna was working hard to identify herself as a serious fashion designer and items such as the T-shirt in issue does not support that goal.”

Rihanna’s career moves have been a frantic as of lately. It’s been over two years since the release of her last album, Unapologetic. Rihanna’s fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of her next album, rumored to be called R8, Rihanna has been making career moves, but in other industries.

The singer was named as the 2014 Fashion Icon by the CFDA last year. Rihanna also became the latest creative director of Puma and became the first black woman to be the face of Dior. The singer also made an appearance in Dior’s Secret Garden campaign. Not to mention, Rihanna also has her own fragrance line, a collaboration with River Island and a limited edition M.A.C. Cosmetics collection, all of which does really well. It would only make sense for the singer to expand her brand in both the fashion and beauty sectors.

Even though Rihanna’s focused on fashion, she’s still promoting her upcoming R8 album. She satisfied her fans with a few sneak peeks of her new music video on Saturday. Rihanna took to Instagram to confirm that the music video for “BBHMM” will be released on Thursday, July 2.

Rihanna confirmed the news by sharing a photo of a film rating that reads: “The following program is rated TV MA LNV for language, nudity and violence. Viewer discretion advised.”

It sounds like her new music video is going to be interesting. Fans rumored that Rihanna’s new music video could be her most daring video since “Man Down.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s collaborators have been teasing snippets from her highly-anticipated new album on social media. Mitus, a producer who’s worked with Rihanna in her Dior campaign ads, shared two snippets on Instagram last week. He also tagged Alicia Renee, another reported R8 collaborator, in the videos.

On Sunday, an audio engineer that works for Roc Nation, shared two more clips from R8 on Vine. This should be enough to satisfies Rihanna’s fans, for now. Of course, all of the snippets and secrecy behind R8 has left fans frustrated rather than excited.

Are you more excited for Rihanna’s new clothing line or her new album? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jun Sato/Getty Images for Dior]