Golden State Warriors Rumors: Draymond Green To Detroit Pistons In Free Agency?

Golden State Warriors rumors still focus on Draymond Green, but now the Detroit Pistons have entered the conversation. Green is a restricted free agent during the NBA offseason, meaning the Warriors have the chance to match any other contract offer he receives. A report from Monday (June 29) on Yahoo! Sports seems to indicate that he will have several suitors, though, with the Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets expected to join the Pistons and Warriors in this chase.

As for what Green has to say, he is making all the right comments for Warriors fans, continually stating that he would prefer to remain with Golden State. A reality in this situation is that the Warriors might not be able to afford Green if another franchise puts a big offer on the table. For the 2015-16 NBA season, the Warriors have about $82.5 million in committed salaries. That is a huge number that would put the team into the luxury tax penalty.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been Golden State Warriors trade rumors indicating that the team is shopping David Lee. The team owes him about $15.5 million for the next NBA season, a contract which the team would like to deal away. It’s possible that another franchise could get him for very little in return, especially as the Warriors look to dump some salary. An inherent problem, though, is that the team would have to take back some money as well.

When Draymond Green speaks about the Warriors, he has nothing but good things to say about the team. He has enjoyed his time there, got a championship ring for his efforts, and could return to a roster built around young talent. The problem for his personal well-being is that the Warriors may not be able to pay him fair value for his talents. That hasn’t stopped him from saying all the right things.

“It was fun. I built relationships that will last a lifetime. They’re a first-class organization. I had a great experience, but that probably won’t change.”

As the NBA free agency period has just about arrived, teams are lining up to talk with the small forward. Being from Michigan, it would seem that the Detroit Pistons could have a certain allure for Green, especially if they offer a contract at about $10 million per season. If that happens, the next Golden State Warriors rumors aren’t going to please fans. It could soon be revealed that Green is leaving for a multi-year deal that the team simply cannot match.

[Image Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]