Pro-Confederate Flag Rally Held At South Carolina Statehouse, Aim To Educate On True Meaning Of The Flag

Dozens of Confederate flag supporters gathered outside the South Carolina Statehouse in an attempt to support the Confederate flag and protest the possible removal from the statehouse. Their aim is to draw attention to the true meaning of the flag and debunk all notions that it is a symbol of racism.

The pro-Confederate flag rally coincidentally happened just hours after a woman was reported climbing a flagpole in Charlotte, North Carolina, in an attempt to remove the flag from view, in protest against the Confederate flag and what she believes it stands for. According to the Chicago Tribune, the woman was arrested as soon as she descended from the pole. The pro-Confederate flag rally was scheduled at least a week in advance and was not a protest against the woman’s attempt to remove the flag, but instead to draw attention to the flag’s meaning and history, rather than allow it to be simply wiped away from existence.

Ryan Hughes attended the pro-Confederate flag rally and shared that there is a misrepresentation regarding what the flag means and its racist connections, according to USA Today.

“They are wrong. They need a history lesson. They need to go back and look at what this flag really stands for, and that is states rights. That’s freedom from tyranny. That’s freedom from subjugation from the federal government.”

The pro-Confederate flag rally drew protesters that are against the flag and their translation of the meaning. However, although the discussions did become heated at times, the debates were mostly civil and did not lead to violence.

The Confederate flag’s removal was called for after nine individuals were killed during a church shooting in Charleston. Many are concerned that the Confederate flag is being blamed for the actions of the shooter. Others claim Dylann Roof idolized other flags that represented tragic pasts, as well, yet none of them are being targeted.

Dylann Roof’s actions were racially motivated, as observed by photos investigators reviewed. Although he was shown posing proudly with the Confederate flag, he was also shown with the Nazi flag and other symbols of racism. Some are left wondering what the reaction would be if he posed with an American flag instead of the Confederate flag.

The pro-Confederate flag rally hopes to draw attention away from the racial profiling the Confederate flag has garnered and provide insight and history into the true meaning behind the flag.

[Photo Courtesy: USA Today]