Melissa McCarthy Shines With New Movie, ‘Spy,’ And Dramatic Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy

With new movies in the forefront, and a dramatic loss of weight, Melissa McCarthy is taking her place as the lead funny woman on the American screen. In her new movie, Spy, she shows she can shine, even within the confines of sentimental comedy, as opposed to the wild and crazy variety that we are used to.

According to the New Yorker, Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a former teacher who becomes a CIA agent in a search for more excitement in her life. After then getting stuck with a desk job, she forms a James Bond-like team with actor Jude Law.

It seems things couldn’t be better for Melissa McCarthy personally, and in her career. She showed up at the Spy premiere having just shed 50 pounds. With a slimmed physique and face, McCarthy donned bright lipstick that highlighted her thousand-watt smile. As previously mentioned in the Inquisitr, McCarthy has also stepped into the spotlight as a designer of clothing for women of every size. The clothing line is called Melissa McCarthy Seven7.

“I want women to get dressed every day and feel good about themselves. I don’t care what it is, if it’s dyeing your hair blue, if it’s a sweater, whatever you want to do, if it makes you feel good and empowered, I stand behind it 100 percent. And if I can be a little tiny block on that wall, I’d be proud of that.”

She is also proud of her work in Spy and the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters, which is filming now with Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. Currently, she is being praised across the board as fitting into a new role, which, according to the Chicago Tribune, is neither “the wallflower nor the raunchy life of the party,” but rather a lower-key brand of comic truth.

Melissa McCarthy has found a new speed or subtlety that she has not demonstrated before, and it’s working with her old fans and new ones alike. Joining McCarthy in Spy in addition to her usual comic troupe are Jason Statham as a hilarious bad guy, and Call the Midwife’s Miranda Hart (perhaps the British Melissa McCarthy) playing McCarthy’s best friend and fellow CIA analyst.

So, it would seem that Melissa McCarthy still has a number of new tricks up her sleeve, so everyone should just stay tuned.

Are you excited to see Melissa McCarthy in Spy, and perhaps check out her clothing line?

[Photo courtesy of CBS]