Amy Schumer Explains Why She Said ‘No’ To ‘The Daily Show’ Job Offer

Amy Schumer disclosed to The Daily Beast that Comedy Central not only considered her as a possible candidate to replace iconic Jon Stewart, the network also offered her the chance to host The Daily Show.

Schumer has built a strong relationship with Comedy Central, as the network airs her Inside Amy Schumer series, as well.

In an article with New York Times Magazine, Comedy Central’s president of content and original programming Kent Alterman claimed that they only offered the gig to Trevor Noah.

However, the New York Times stated tha the network also considered both Amy Poehler and Chris Rock to take the place of Stewart, and approached the two about becoming the replacement.

Poehler turned down the offer immediately whereas Rock would only host the show until the 2016 election.

As for the Inside Amy Schumer star, it seemed that she did not want to land a safe job so she did not accept the hosting stint either.

Schumer admitted to The Daily Beast that she felt privileged and flattered to be considered as a replacement.

In fact, she believed that she has created this notion that the network and the people who run it are like her parents so the job offer is their way of saying that they believe and trust her.

And for that, Schumer is grateful.

She also considered the possibility of being able to work with her family and friends for up to five years, Schumer confessed to The Daily Beast. Even so, the thought of having a fixed routine, doing the same thing at the same place, made her think twice.

The star prefers to not know what will happen next. “I’ve never done anything safe or to make money for that reason. So, you know, I said, I can’t start now,” Shumer explained.

Not wanting to play it safe may be a good reason to reject The Daily Show gig but The Hollywood Reporter assumes Schumer turned down the offer for a different reason– she wants to be in the movies.

Schumer recently wrote and starred in the film Trainwreck opposite Bill Hader, which is due to hit theaters on July 17.

Moreover, Schumer’s show with Comedy Central Inside Amy Schumer has turned out to be a hit, so it is unlikely that Schumer will be unhappy with her decision.

[Image by Mike Coppola, Getty Images]