Sean Hannity Wants To Ban Rap Music

Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity is making controversial comments in wake of the recent uproar surrounding the Confederate flag. The conservative pundit, angered at the fact that people want the flag removed from government buildings, wants to ban rap music in retaliation. The Huffington Post shares the bizarre audio of the host talking about what he wants to happen.

During his radio show on Wednesday, Hannity addressed the controversy surrounding the so called “rebel flag” that many people believe to be an important piece of southern heritage. However, the Fox News pundit may have missed the mark a bit when he compared the offensive nature of the Confederate flag to profanity used in hip hop and rap music. He even went as far to bring the President’s daughters into the rant.

“A lot of the music by those artists is chock full of the n-word and the b-word and the h-word, and racist, misogynist, sexist anti-woman slurs none of those retail executes would be caught dead using. If it’s OK for Obama’s teenage daughters and people to go into these stores and buy music chock-full of the n-word, the b-word, well maybe we should consider banning that too.”

Little does Sean Hannity appear to know, rap music and poetry have been important to black culture since long before the enslavement of their people by whites. Rap music has never been a tool to oppress or a symbol to take away the dignity of their people.

On the other hand, it’s been argued widely that the Confederate flag is very much a symbol of hatred and racism. In fact, one of the designers of the flag referred to it as “the white man’s flag.” So it seems that hip hop can’t really be compared to what many perceive to be a symbol of bigotry.

Sean Hannity also didn’t note in his rant that nobody is preventing people from possessing their own rebel flags for display. Nobody is necessarily “banning” any flag at all. However, more than one big chain store has stopped selling items with the flag on them, and various states are facing the removal of the flag from government properties. Owning one of these flags falls under First Amendment protection. The precedent for this is the fact that people are allowed to legally own Nazi memorabilia.

Do you think Sean Hannity is overreacting in his latest rant about banning rap music?

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