Microsoft: Let the Drinking Begin

Microsoft is moving forward with plans to open a pub on its Redmond campus. The company has gone back-and-forth on the idea, first approving the idea, then suddenly changing its mind a week ago. Now, the bar is back on — and the booze is about to start flowing.

To clarify, Microsoft programmers won’t be pounding ’em down around the clock. The new on-campus pub, called Spitfire, will serve alcohol only after 3 p.m. and only to visitors who are part of “scheduled gatherings and catered events,” according to Seattle tech site TechFlash. Those restrictions are evidently part of a “compromise” that convinced the powers-that-be to go ahead with the deal.

Spitfire is set to open by the end of the month. It’ll also be open for (alcohol-free) lunches for all Microsoft employees and visitors.