$4.1 Million Cardboard Cathedral Being Constructed In New Zealand

Architectural engineers in New Zealand have created the designs for a new cathedral that will be used as the temporary home of Christchurch which was devastated by the cities massive earthquake.

Anglican leaders were looking for a temporary solution that could stand the test of time for 10 years and while $4.1 million may seem like a stiff price to pay for cardboard the cathedral will still be fairly large with seating for 700 members and 82-foot high ceilings made from 104 tubes of cardboard.

To construct the building construction workers will still take advantage of some traditional materials, mainly concrete, steel and wood, all of which will be used for structural support for the cardboard cathedral.

The building will also be safe, featuring both weatherproofing and fire-resistant materials to ensure its cardboard structure doesn’t simply go up in flame after construction.

In keeping with its rather green approach the churches designers have also opted to bring in two dozen shipping containers which will be converted into full functioning office space for the churches workers. That office space will also including a kitchen and storage.

Finally the cathedrals roof will be made of an opaque polycarbonate material which should provide beautiful views to everyone inside.

Members of the churches inner-workings are stressing that this new cardboard cathedral is only a temporary home, they are already beginning to work with architects to choose the future design of the building however construction on that new property is likely years away from beginning.

Would you feel safe inside a giant cardboard building with an opaque roof?