Emma Watson Gets A Tramp Stamp For New Movie ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson is doing her best to shed her Hermione persona as fast as she can. “The Harry Potter” star is taking on a “bad girl” role in her new movie “The Bling Ring.” Watson was spotted on the set sporting a “tramp stamp” tattoo, short shorts, stilettos, and a white bra underneath an open leather jacket.

The film is based on the true story of a group of teens who robbed celebrities a few years ago. The thieves were caught in 2009 after stealing close to $3 milllion from celebrities like Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale and Lindsay Lohan. Watson will playing one of the thieves.

The plot of the movie may seem like a fun, celebrity cameo filled, Summer movie, but with Sofia Coppola in the director’s chair (she also wrote the script) we could be in for more than just a popcorn flick.

Watson will by playing a character named Nikki. She has a Playboy model mother, played by Leslie Mann, and is one of six teenagers who make up the bling ring.

Emma Watson hasn’t said if the tramp stamp is real but there’s a good chance that it’s not. Jessica Alba revealed a few new tattoos last week but according to her rep they were fakes for a new movie role. It’s likely that Watson has done the same.

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