Walmart Parking Lot Brawl Caught On Video

A wild Walmart brawl that erupted in the parking lot of a Columbus, Ohio, store was captured by a customer on cell phone video and uploaded to YouTube.

In the footage embedded below, a large man wearing trackpants appears to be assisting a police officer in taking a non-compliant woman (allegedly wearing no underwear, according to the video's running commentary) into custody.

Another woman shows up, and the man pushes her to the ground. The tall guy and a man wearing a white shirt then seem to be exchanging blows, at which point the cop deploys a taser on that man, who falls to the pavement. Backup officers then arrive, and the situation settles down, although the tall man briefly starts scuffling with another person there.

Brobible summarized what went down in the melee.

"We have no way of knowing what led up to this video being filmed. What we do know is that a fight took place in a Walmart parking lot in Columbus, Ohio. A whole gaggle of officers had to be called in to diffuse the situation. The enormous man in the track pants is either an undercover cop or a Walmart security officer (or undercover cop)..."
The tall man may or may not be a Walmart employee, and it has yet to be detailed what led to this altercation in the first place.

In the case of theft, however, which may be completely and totally unrelated to this Columbus Walmart parking lot brawl, the retail chain has apparently established strict policies for dealing with potential shoplifters.

For example, a Walmart security guard was fired last November for using too much force in taking down an alleged shoplifter in a way that countered company policy. In February, a Walmart manager was terminated for gross misconduct after subduing an alleged shoplifter across the street from the store, in violation of corporate policy banning pursuits outside the immediate vicinity of the premises.

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, a Walmart security guard bravely tackled an alleged shoplifter who reportedly fired one round with a handgun. The incident recently occurred at a Walmart store in the town of Lithonia, located in DeKalb County, Georgia.

That being said, things do seem to be getting increasingly unruly at some Walmart stores generally. Walmart made national headlines earlier this month when two women brawled in the shampoo aisle of an Indianapolis-area store. One of the combatants now faces child neglect charges for getting her 6-year-old son involved in the melee.

Watch the Walmart parking lot brawl (partially NSFW).