Walmart Fight Video: Two Women Brawl In Shampoo Aisle

Two women got into a violent altercation at a suburban Indianapolis Walmart, with one of the participants' 6-year-old son even getting involved in the fight.

The brawl apparently occurred at the Beech Grove, Indiana Walmart store, in the shampoo aisle. This bad hair day, as it were, was filmed by one or more customers with their cell phone cameras. See videos embedded below.

At one point in the footage, the mom allegedly can be heard saying, "Johnny, punch her in the f*****g face."

With poetic license, you could say that Sam's Club gave way in this instance to Fight Club.

One of the combatants was navigating around the store in a motorized scooter before the physical confrontation started and things escalated to WWE level.

WTHR of Indianapolis summarized what went down between the two angry Walmart shoppers.

"The argument started between two women, although the initial cause of the argument isn't clear. The man who recorded the incident eventually shows two women punching and wrestling with each other to the point where one of the women has the other pinned down on the floor -- all while her young son looks on and yells at the women. At one point, the boy takes a bottle of shampoo and tries to hit the woman who is pinned down."
There is a running commentary from those standing around and watching, but no one intervened to try to break it up, with one of the onlookers mentioning the possibility of lawsuits as perhaps the reason.

The Chicago Sun-Times added, "Because this is Walmart, there are flip flops, sweat pants, tattoos and profanity involved, all in front of a child who is encouraged to join in."

Fox Sports made this observation about the incident. "You may not be perfect. But odds are you have never been in a fight in a Wal Mart shampoo aisle. You may not be a perfect parent, but odds are you haven't encouraged your son to kick a woman in the head while you've got her pinned in the Wal Mart shampoo aisle either. Two things these women can no longer say."

At one point, a woman watching the Walmart melee warns the youngster that he could wind up in "little boy jail." His reaction to the admonition is contained on the second video.

It's not clear at this writing if police were called and if any arrests occurred as a result of this Walmart fight.