A Look Back At Other Blind Dogs That Have Guides

The story of the abandoned blind dog that has his own guide dog has touched many hearts across the nation. Glenn and Buzz are up for adoption in the U.K., after being found wandering together. Glenn is blind and Buzz is his constant companion, acting as a guide. It's not a new story by any means. While this particular set of dogs is new to the news, other pairs of dogs have become well-known for that very thing. Here's a look at some of those other pairs.

Eddie the lab went blind and was quickly helped by his owner's other dog, Milo. Milo had no training in this and simply started to help Eddie find their owner when called. He even wears bells on his collar so Eddie can follow him. Milo unfortunately became very sick with an autoimmune condition, but with the help of a charity he quickly came back to be the blind dog's guide.

Jeffrey and Jermaine are brothers that came to the Chester County SPCA after being found as strays. Their rescuers quickly found out Jeffrey was blind and Jermaine was the guide dog that helped him through the world. A picture of them embracing each other on their shelter bed went viral, and helped to find them a home. Not to be deterred by this, they keep their loyal fans updated on their adventures on their Facebook page.

Not all of these pairs are two dogs. An eight-year-old dog in the U.K., Terfel, became depressed after losing his sight to cataracts. His owner had no idea what to do until a stray cat wandered into their yard. The cat began to lead him around and out on walks. Her "guide dog" duties helped so much that the cat, now christened Pwditat, became a permanant family member.

Bax the boxer went blind after an accident, devestating his owner. Incredibly, he got his life back with the help of a four-year-old goose named Buttons, who hangs on to his neck or honks to tell him where to go.

The story of Edward is perhaps the most unusual. Edward was himself a guide dog for his owner, Graham Waspe, until cataracts caused him to lose his sight. His new guide dog, Opal, not only began to lead him around but also led Edward around as well. The three can now be seen walking together in their home town.

The blind dog has a guide story is most certainly not new, but its heartwarming appeal never goes out of style.

[Image credited to Shevaun Brannigan via Today]