British Man Who Raped And Tortured His Mother To Death Sentenced To A Minimum Term Of 30 Years In Prison

A sadistic British man sat expressionless with his head in his palms as a judge sentenced him to a minimum term of 30 years in prison for the 2014 rape and brutal murder of his mother, according to Mirror.

Last September, 27-year-old waiter Alexander McDonald became intoxicated after consuming a substantial amount of alcohol at a wine tasting event at his job, followed by cocaine.

When he arrived at his home in Hilly Park, Norton Fitzwarren in Somerset, which he shared with his mother, he engaged in a sexual conversation with a male friend via text that, according to various sources, left him in a "state of excitement."

McDonald subsequently entered his mother's, Catherine McDonald, 57, - who was a housekeeper at a care home - bedroom and stabbed her in the chest with a kitchen knife. He then took a knitting needle as well as a pair of scissors and stabbed her in the neck just before rapping her to "satisfy his sexual urges."

While his mother laid on her bed - bleeding to death - he took a cable cord and wrapped it around his mother's neck and pulled tightly, giving her an agonizing death.

After killing his mother, he began to clean up just before sending his ex-girlfriend a text message that said: "drugs destroy lives."

He then took her bank card as well as her vehicle and fled the scene. However, it was short lived as he later crashed the car and was apprehended by British police officials.

Forensic experts discovered McDonald's DNA on his mother's lifeless body along with a discarded condom in the house.

"When told of the death of his mother, Mr. McDonald showed no emotion and throughout his trial and when giving evidence, Mr. McDonald has shown no emotion or remorse," the judge said.
"His only concerns appear to have been for himself."

"I am sure the attack was carried out in order to subdue Ms. McDonald so that Mr. McDonald could satisfy his sexual urges, which were unsatisfied following his sexting conversation."

"This is another evidence-based example of the destruction caused by the use of drugs in society," he continued. "I do not doubt that Mr. McDonald would have not have acted as he did but for the ingestion of the drugs which disinhibited him."
"But the jury found on overwhelming evidence Mr. McDonald was both capable of forming an intention to kill, and in the course of his attack, did form that intention."
On Tuesday, a judge sentenced the British man to life imprison with a minimum term of 30 years in prison. He was also informed that after serving the minimum sentence, there would still be no chance of being released.

Police officials were shocked that the suspect remained emotionless. They went on to say that McDonald is a "very dangerous man. He showed no emotion at any time."

[Image courtesy of John Moore/Getty Images]