Alexander McDonald Did Something Horrible To His Mom

British man Alexander McDonald has reportedly admitted to doing something that no person should ever do to one of their parents. Investigation Discovery’s Crime Feed reports that the 27-year-old restaurant employee raped and murdered his mother during an alcohol and drug fueled rampage. The details of this gruesome crime are hard to stomach, which is why the man may end up in prison for the rest of his life.

The incident reportedly took place this past September on a night that McDonald had participated in a wine tasting event at his place of employment. He had also used cocaine. When the young man returned home from his night, he reportedly took out his various frustrations on his mother.

Metro News reports that 57-year-old Catherine McDonald was most likely sleeping at the time of the incident, indicating that her son killed her in a sneak attack. Experts believe this to be fact because the woman was wearing earplugs that she used for sleeping when her body was discovered by authorities. The earplugs would would have made it easy for Alexander to sneak up on her as she slept.

An estimated total of four weapons were reportedly used in the gruesome murder of the 57-year-old woman. Alexander McDonald used knitting needles to stab his mother in the neck. One of the needles was left lodged into the victim. McDonald also allegedly used scissors. The court established that the 27-year-old man used the scissors to force his mother into sexual intercourse. For some reason, even though he had used a variety of weapons to assault and murder his mother, Alexander McDonald had the thought in his mind to practice safe sex. A used condom was found at the scene of the crime, and his DNA was on his mother’s body.

McDonald then chose to fled from his mother’s home by stealing her vehicle. However, he was unable to make a clean getaway, because he wrecked the car in a rollover. It didn’t take long for him to be arrested for the brutal murder of his own mother. It also didn’t reportedly take long for the accused rapist and killer to confess to the grisly crime. He even displayed that he was aware of the crimes he committed, because he had texted a girlfriend to let her know that he would either “be dead soon or in jail,” before he was apprehended.

Even though McDonald admits to his actions, he swears that he is only guilty of manslaughter and not full-on murder. He’s going to have to convince a court of this, but do you think he will be successful with the details being what they are?

Photo: Police Handouts/Catherine and Alexander McDonald

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