Young Mother Holding Baby Attacked In Park In Brutal Beating Caught On Video

A young mother holding her baby was brutally attacked by a young teen, with video of the disturbing incident now going viral.

Video of the attack showed two young teens talking to two women sitting at a table in a park. One of the seated women held a baby on her lap as the two grew increasingly angry, with one of them yelling at the women to stand up.

One of the teens then grabbed the woman by the hair, pulling her from the bench and sending the child flying to the ground. The attacker then continued to punch and kick the girl while holding onto her hair.

A group of onlookers did nothing to stop the attack, with some even cheering on the girl, and one young man dancing in apparent excitement nearby as the beating continued.

There is little other information about the attack. The video of the mother beating beaten cuts off after one minute, and the resolution is unclear. And though the video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, it is not clear where or when the attack takes place.

The motivation for the attack is also unclear. While the attackers appeared to be black and the victim was white (or light-skinned), it is not clear if race was a factor or if the two had some kind of other argument.

Video of the assault can be seen below, but be warned that it may be disturbing for viewers.

The attack is reminiscent of another viral assault. Video uploaded to Facebook in March showed a young girl and her brother attacked in a park in Indianapolis.

The disturbing video showed a group of people running to a confrontation, where one young teen began yelling at a girl and her brother in the park. The main assailant, a girl herself, then attacked in a flurry of punches and kicks.

The victim fell to the ground, yelling, "What did I do? What did I do?" while the attacker continued to throw punches.

The victim was able to get up and started walking away, but the girl followed and attacked again. This time the victim's young brother, who appeared to be 5 or 6, tried to defend his sister by pushing the attacker. But the attacker instead turned her attention to the boy, striking him and knocking him to the ground.

Video of the Indianapolis playground beating quickly went viral, and within hours police announced that they had the suspect in custody.

Video of the young mother being attacked while holding her baby has quickly gone viral, with a post on reddit garnering a number of outraged comments. But so far, it's not clear if the incident is under investigation or if police have identified the suspect.

[Image via YouTube]