'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan On Twists In Season 2, Claims He Is 'Ecstatic' That Jamie Fraser Will Try To Rewrite History

Perry Carpenter

With production of Season 2 of Outlander already underway, spoilers concerning the new season are beginning to surface. In a recent interview with Variety, Sam Heughan discussed some of the things the characters will be facing in Season 2 and how the events in the first season will impact everyone moving forward.

One of the major events in Season 1 involved Jamie's extended stay in prison, which included a now well-known sexual assault scene. When asked how he prepared himself for the prison scenes, Heughan admitted that it was a tough few weeks of filming.

"We rehearsed the scenes for maybe the week before, we went over all the text with the writers and director. Both Tobias (Menzies) and I come from a theater background so it felt quite comfortable and it felt like we were there supporting each other and we were both making suggestions about the characters, about the script … I think pretty much over the two weeks we shot it, I think we barely spoke, to be honest. It was a very dark room, very claustrophobic, pretty depressing and it kind of worked for those scenes."
"It's difficult, from what happened at the end of season one — he's not quite found his roots and he's not on even ground, but he's a very good adapter and he's adapting to the situation and has a natural ability [for that]. Ultimately, he does grow with that, but we've only shot the first three episodes, so we're still trying to see where he fits in."
"I'm ecstatic that we're doing that. There are two parts of the second book — the first half is in France and the second half is in Scotland, and I think that's what our show's gonna be. I can't wait to return to Scotland to that safety and comfort of that country, and Jamie's gonna feel the same thing. France is incredible, but the build-up to Culloden is the reason they're in France, to stop this terrible thing happening, and they know from history that it's a terrible tragedy for the Highland culture."

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